Vinas de Gain White 2018, Artadi, Rioja DOCa

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RegionRioja DOCa
DietaryVegan, Vegetarian

Tasting Notes

The Viura grape lends its characteristic subtlety, slenderness, and minerality but with enough energy in bottle to allow this white wine long aging in the cellar.

These wines have a balanced aroma and flavour in their first stages which becomes more remarkable through proper ageing in barrel and a long ageing in bottle.

The Producer

Artadi dates back to 1981 when its current owner, Juan Carlos López de Lacalle, together with his family and thirteen local growers founded Artadi in the heart of Alava. Juan Carlos represents the 4th generation of winemakers, now joined by his son and 5th generation, Carlos.

At Artadi, they practice ‘respectful’ viticulture, based on organic and sustainable concepts, and stay faithful to the know-how of their ancestors. Artadi’s primary focus is to produce unique wines; this they achieve with a respect for their rich historical heritage, a love of and deference to nature, and by championing the unique personalities of their wines.

Today, Artadi own 65 hectares of vineyard in their original site of Álava, in Laguardia, planted in soils with wide geological diversity. These distinctive vineyard sites give singularity to their wines, allowing the character of the fruit and the finesse of the tannins to shine.


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