Saroto Branco 2021, Arribas Wine Co., Tras-Os-Montes

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BlendBastardo Branco, Malvasia, Posto Branco, Verdelho
SustainabilityCertified Organic
DietaryVegan, Vegetarian

Tasting Notes

A rich and textural wine full of complexity and nuance. Natural acidity keeps the balance through the palate. A very gastronomic white.

The Producer

Arribas Wine Company was founded in 2017, in Bemposta, Mogadouro. They aim to produce authentic wines, based in regional varieties, old vineyards and traditional techniques, as well as a degree of innovation. Thus, they strive to farm their vineyards as sustainably and respectfully as possible, and to make their wines in a minimalistic way.


No Vinification / Viticulture information available.


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