Roditis Nature 2021, Sant’Or. Achaia, Greece

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DietaryVegan, Vegetarian

Tasting Notes

The Roditis grape is like a chameleon, and here it is likened to a Burgundy Chardonnay, with the full malo effect and its creamy texture and plethoric fruity nose.

The Producer

The family-owned traditional winery Sant’or is located in the historic village Santomeri of Achaia, 30km from Patras, at an altitude of 600m amidst a biodynamic-organic vineyard. Our vineyard covers 4 hectares including local Greek varieties such as Roditis, Maurodafni, Santameriana, Agiorgitiko and 3.2 hectares of olive trees with the local varieties Stafiloelia and Koronia. The family winery incorporates all modern vinification methods. It is situated on the north-western side of Peloponnese at the foothills of Mt Skolli. According to myth, Hercules had moved part of this mountain from Mt Erimanthos. Homer refers of the district as ”Oleniin Petri“. The name Santomeri comes from the French garrison commander Nicolas de Saint-Omer (1273), who had camped there during the Frankish domination of the region. Tradition has it that here is where the wife of Constantinos Palaiologos,the last Byzantine Emperor, died.


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