Riesling ‘Cuvee de l’Ours Noir’, 2019, Theo Cattin

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Tasting Notes

Elegant, fresh and mineral, floral, citrus fruit on the nose. Wonderfully dry, mineral characteristics, peach notes. A long-lasting balanced palate.

The Producer

The family house established in Voegtlinshoffen, was founded in 1947 by Theo Cattin himself. He adapted the black bear which was on the shield of the former lords from Hattstatt as his signature as he launched the mythical “Cuvée de l’Ours Noir”.


As soon as the grapes are gently pressed, the juice falls into a fermentation tank located below the press to preserve the flavors’ freshness.
The tank is temperature-controlled to control fermentation and therefore preserve the grapes’ flavors. After the fermentation, our Riesling is aged for several months before being bottled. It will then reveal its varietal characteristics married to Alsace’s unique terroir.


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