Pinot Noir Buis d’Aps 2021, Ardeche, Vignerons Ardechois

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BlendPinot Noir

Tasting Notes

A youthful Ardèche Pinot Noir which has subtle strawberry scents and a core of soft, juicy redcurrant fruit with pleasant smoky undertones over gentle tannins. It won’t be harmed by a brief sojourn in an ice bucket!

The Producer

The Vignerons Ardéchois Cave Co-opérative (also known as U.V.I.C.A – Union des Vignerons des Coteaux de l’Ardèche) has its roots in the late 1960s when the Presidents of 7 major Cave Co-opératives agreed a unified policy of modernisation, re-planting and marketing. Based in the town of Ruoms, 20 kilometres south of Aubenas this forward-thinking, modernist collective has done much to revive the fortunes of this ancient vine-area, which dates back to Roman times. Today the Vignerons Ardéchois co-operative represents some 2000 grape growers from 21 different smaller co-operatives. U.V.I.C.A is a terrific source of keenly-priced, well made single variety wines and accessible, fruit-driven blends.


Rigorously controlled and graded grapes are harvested at optimum maturity, pressed and fermented in thermo-regulated stainless steel tanks prior to fining, filtration and Spring bottling.


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