Pinot Blanc 2018, Leyon Beyer

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Tasting Notes

Elegant with a hint of spice. Well-rounded yet delicate with perfect balance and length. Delicious with roasted poultry dishes as well as spicy foods. This is part of the Classique range, which offers wines with a fresh and fruity character with body and weight reflecting the grape varieties, the soil and vineyard location. Lon Beyers wines are made for gastronomy; they are dry, without residual sugar.

The Producer

Situated just outside the impressive medieval town of Eguisheim, the Beyer family have produced wine in these parts since 1580. The firm was formally founded in 1870 by Emile Beyer who was succeeded by a son and grandson, both named Léon Beyer and both mayors of Eguisheim in their day.


Vinification, done with loving care and attention, combining the rigours of time-honoured tradition and modern techniques, creates a wine for an elite clientele and connoisseurs of great Alsace dry white wines, spirited and elegant, or mellow and sweet, like the Vendanges Tardives or Selections de Grains Nobles.


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