La Jurisdiccion Godello 2020, LOF, Bierzo

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Tasting Notes

A blend of exotic and citrus fruit with texture from lees ageing. This is a Godello with bright acidity, fleshy mouthfeel, and great concentration. Real character and complexity.

The Producer

This story began four decades ago before Samuel Lopez & Adela Folgueral took over the running of the family vineyards. It used to serve as the family livelihood of the ancestors who sold grapes and wine in bulk to small costumers in the area around

From the beginning of this stage, a transformation of the viticulture was carried out in order to find a better balance in the production of the vines so that they could adapt better to the recent surge in demand for higher quality standards, due to new wineries emerging in the nearby surroundings. Since then, quality excellence is achieved by using the most emblematic varieties in the Bierzo region, Mencía and Godello.


The wine harvest is carried out manually, carefully selected in 20kg baskets. The destemming process takes place at the winery’s entrance, and then pressed to initiate fermentation in stainless steel vats. The harvest begins early, with the aim of finding the appropriate balance between acidity and freshness.

The grape juice is cleaned at low temperature for 24 hours.

A wine which matures with its fine lees for six months in French oak barrels, at the end of which it is decantered and mechanically filtered. After that it is bottled and left to rest in boxes.

After 8 months it is bottled and left to rest in boxes.


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