Cremant de Limoux Brut NV, Calmel and Joseph

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BlendChardonnay, Chenin Blanc, Pinot Noir
DietaryVegan, Vegetarian

Tasting Notes

The nose is superb with notes of white peach, flowers and citrus fruits such as pink grapefruit. Aromas of white flower and lemon appear as well as a delicate bitterness from the bubbles.

The Producer

Founded in 1995 Calmel & Joseph is a trading house specializing in Languedoc Roussillon wines from private cellars spread throughout the territory. Laurent Calmel, oenologist and Jérôme Joseph vinify, blend and age all the wines with the common desire to prove the unique and too little known quality of these Mediterranean terroirs. In addition to the desire to produce high quality wines in line with their terroirs, we are very attached to vinifying according to their convictions and their experience.


Traditional method. The grapes are hand-harvested and transported to the winery in small crates, where they are pressed and processed in temperature-controlled tanks at 15°C, following standard white wine-making methods. Wines from several tanks are carefully blended together and cultured yeasts are added the result, which is then bottled. The secondary fermentation starts and bubbles of carbonic gas form within the bottle. After leaving the wine to rest on its lees for 15 months, the final stage consists of turning the bottle upside down so that the sediment sinks down into the neck, ready to be disgorged after freezing. As this operation entails the loss of a small amount of liquid, the bottle is topped up with still wine and “liqueur d’expédition” (a mixture of wine and sugar) before being sealed with a cork.


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