Ams Tram Gram L’Epicurus 2022, Calmel and Joseph, Languedoc

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BlendMalbec, Petit verdot
RegionSouthern France
DietaryVegan, Vegetarian

Tasting Notes

Beautiful purplish red in colour. The same original blending of Malbec and Petit Verdot that offers powerful aromas of small red and black fruit such as blackcurrant, blackberry and redcurrant, but also exotic fruit such as mango. Spicy notes appear on the finish with white pepper, cinnamon and thyme. The first palate is dominated by the Malbec, but the Petit Verdot, with pomegranate, liquorice and violet with toasted notes, slowly reveals itself.

The Producer

Domaine is a former farmstead, typical of the Languedoc, first mentioned in a deed of property dated the 26 July 1577 belonging to the nobleman Jehan de Calmès. In the heart of 200 uninterrupted hectares the Domaine Calmel & Joseph sits in a remarkable geographical position. At altitudes near to 300 metres, the cultivated plots are surrounded by richly diverse woodland and wild Mediterranean scrub


Traditional vinification, with total destemming and partial crushing at 40%. Short ten minute pumping over daily with a fermentation temperature of between 25°and 28°C. Total vatting time of three weeks. Malolactic fermentation after settling.


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