In June 2022, we joined the Harpers Sustainability Charter. An initiative to build a network of sustainably minded businesses and be a reference for companies looking to work with sustainable partners. 

Our commitments are detailed below and will be updated with our progress over the coming months. 

Carbon dioxide reduction

During Jan – Mar 22, we produced 3.57 tonnes of CO2 emissions through our delivery van. Whilst we are actively taking steps to reduce our mileage, we have taken the decision to offset our GHG emissions with the recognition that carbon offsetting is not the solution, however it does promote positive and measurable environmental actions that impact communities around the globe.

Our chosen partner is My Carbon Plan who are the only not-for-profit dedicated carbon offset project in the UK and plant their trees on the southern boundary of the Lake District. 

In August 2022, we will off-set 15 tonnes of carbon and plant 5000 square meters of woodland, far more than our expected yearly CO2 output. We recognise that whilst carbon off-setting does not solve the problem, it does promote positive thinking around climate change and contributes to a measurable direct impact within the UK.

UPDATE: 15 tonnes of Co2 off-set through My Carbon Plan. This is 

Responsible portfolio sourcing

We are introducing more UK made wine into our portfolio with the aim to have at least three red, white, rose and sparkling options available within the next 12 months.

View our current selection of UK produced wine here

We have collected dietary and sustainability information for our wine portfolio which details that over 50% of our wine portfolio is suitable for vegan and vegetarian diets.

We are currently looking into how much of our portfolio is from certified organic, sustainable and bio-dynamic producers. This information is a little harder to obtain due to the differences in regulations within in region/ country. 

The introduction and de-stigmatisation of canned wine is essential to bring the industry in line with consumer attitude. Our range of canned wine is growing and we are actively sourcing new and exciting lines for our portfolio. 

Packaging development and sourcing

We currently only purchase and produce packaging for e-commerce orders.

All cardboard packaging used for e-commerce orders is manufactured using 100% recycled material and is 100% recyclable, biodegradable and compostable. We are currently investing in fully recyclable, plastic-free, vegan packaging tape so all packaging can be easily placed into your home recycling bin.

A large amount of our wine comes packed in cardboard cases which are reused for trade customers who order less than a full case. Any cardboard packaging that cannot be reused for repacking, is recycled.

UPDATE: We’re now using paper packing tape which means the whole outer box can be put directly into your at home cardboard recycling bin. The leather used on our Tasting Journals is 100% vegan.



In light of the growing cost of living crisis, we have committed to donate much needed supplies to Leeds North and West Food Bank quarterly in 2022. In August, we will donate urgently needed items and will detail on this page. 

We are committed to supporting community fundraising causes. Past events include Drake’s Fish & Chips Ukraine Fundraising appeal and Ossett Brewery’s fundraising event in aid of Forget Me Not Children’s Hospice. If you have an upcoming fundraising appeal, please contact to discuss your event. 

We will continue to use local companies for business supplies where possible.

Staff welfare and progression

Barrique Fine Wines is committed to providing an enjoyable working environment for all staff members as well as implementing support and benefit packages. 

We’ve prioritised staff progression with the introduction of more frequent performance reviews alongside the opportunities for employees to complete courses that support their role. We are planning at least two staff trips to UK based producers over the next 12 months alongside yearly team bonding days where we down tools and enjoy a day together, outside of the office.

Recently, we have also introduced a monthly fuel allowance to support staff with the rising forecourt costs.

UPDATE: We have provided all full time employees with a split payment of £500 to help with winter fuel payments.