Wehlener Sonnenuhr Riesling Auslese 1995, S A Prum, Mosel

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Tasting Notes

Bouquet of ripe fruit, peaches and apricot, mark this medium-sweet wine.

The Producer

S.A Prüm is a family-owned wine estate nestled on the banks of Germany’s serene Mosel River, at the heart of the country’s celebrated Mosel growing region. The Prüm name has been synonymous with quality wine production in the middle Mosel for generations where the family has been cultivating vineyards for 860 years since 1156. S A Prüm was the original, dominant Prüm name until 1911 when the siblings went their own ways. The only two who continue to own their own vines and make wine are S A and J J Prüm. The current Raimund’s grandfather maintained the name of S A Prüm. The estate has been in the hands of Raimund Prüm, owner and winemaker, since 1971 when he assumed full management and now works with his daughter, Saskia, a qualified winemaker. Under his leadership, the property has become one of the region’s most successful wineries, boasting an international reputation for the production of exquisite Rieslings. Raimund owns the sonnenuhr (sundial) which gives the name to the world famous Wehlener Sonnenuhr vineyard and the distinctive sundial logo of S A Prüm may be found on all continents.


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