Voyage Subscription – 12 months

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Grape VarietyPinot Noir
Food PairingDuck, Game, Mushroom, Roast Chicken, Truffle, Venison
Sub RegionGevrey-Chambertin
SoilChalk, Clay, Limestone
StyleLight, Fruity and Earthy
Vegan VegetarianVegan, Vegetarian

Voyage is a wine subscription created for those people who like wine, want to understand more, but don’t know where to start. Voyage is a convenient, relaxed, informal way to build a foundation from which to have better wine experiences.

Your Wine Journey

The Grape Series You will start your Voyage with the Grape Series. Taste and learn about the world’s most important grape varieties, understanding what defines them, the styles of wine they create, where they’re grown and what they taste like.

The Regions Series Next, you’ll move onto the Regions series. Each month you’ll explore the wines from the world’s most exciting wine countries and regions, its key grape varieties, the terroir, winemaking styles, producers and how to interpret what’s written on the label.

The Somm Series Finally, your Voyage takes you into our Somm Series. Here you’ll join some of the UK’s best sommeliers as you deepen your understanding on the key elements of food and wine pairing. Receive insider tips on how to develop your palate and give you a better wine experience. Learn about the key issues facing the world of wine today, and what it might look like tomorrow.

What’s included?

  • 4 bottles of wine delivered each month, containing our best examples of the grape, region or Somm selection.
  • Expert video guide with every episode giving you a deeper understanding of wine.
  • Tasting notes, food pairings and detailed information for each bottle included with your case to help you learn along the way.
  • Free with your first case, you’ll receive a tasting journal to make your own notes, a corkscrew and a How to Taste Wine video guide.