Banyuls Rimage ‘Mis Précoce’ 2019 Abbe Rous

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BlendGrenache Noir

Tasting Notes

Intense red cherry, black currant and myrtle. Followed by raspberry jam, notes of black chocolate and sage. This wine is well balanced, full bodied and fruity.

The Producer

Father François Rous was appointed to Banyuls sur Mer in 1870 in one of the main posts in the diocese. He had to quickly restore and enlarge the Romanesque church “Saint Jean de la rectorine” then unsuited to accommodate all the faithful. In order to collect all the necessary funds without appealing to public generosity, he had the idea of ​​embarking on the wine trade which he called “work of mass wine”. Success was not expected. The Abbe Rous played a major role in the enhancement and promotion of the vintage of Banyuls wines. He first had the concern to respect the soul of the wines of the cru (natural and untampered wines) and to acquire cellars in order to store and age wines which quickly brought happiness to many ecclesiastics. On the strength of rapid success, in 1872 the Ministry of Worship authorized Abbé Rous to continue his business.


The vineyards produce very low yields (hl/ha) in this schisteous soil and warm climate of Southern France. Grapes are destemmed and fermented in stainless steel vats. The fermentation is stopped by adding alcohol; a long maceration of 20 days follows, extracting fruity aromas classic of early bottles Banyuls. The wines are aged for 6 months in oak barrels that are regularly topped up.