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Wines To Stock Up On 

Serbal Cabernet Franc 2020, Bodega Atamisque

A wonderfully fresh and youthful, unoaked Cabernet Franc from Tupungato in Mendoza.


Soli Pinot Noir 2019, Edoardo Mirolglio

Smokey sous bois, minerally Pinot perfume, spiked with wild strawberry and red cherry notes, orange rind, and sandalwood-clove hints.


Chateau le Bourdieu Vertheuil Cru Bourgeois 2010

2010 is regarded as one of the best vintages for Haut-Medoc wine, with near perfect balance of fruit, tannins, acidity and alcohol.


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"Incredible knowledge of such a vast array of wines that they suit for every occasion. Topped off with an expeditious turn around time! An absolute must for all wine fans from novice to sommelier!"

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