Syrah Reserve 2018/19, Oliver Zeter, Pfalz

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Vintage2018, 2019

Tasting Notes

The bouquet is fine and fresh, with light nuances of iron and many blue berries. Meaty on the palate, with black olives and ripe sloe. The wine presents plenty of grip and concentration, without even a hint of marmalade.

The Producer

Brothers Christian and Oliver Zeter bottled their first vintage in 2007 and have already earned themselves a place in the wine world. Today they cultivate six hectares of the best sites in Palatinate; some are their own vineyards, some of which they lease from growers with whom they have built and maintain long-term relationships.

The drinking bear that adorns the label comes from the quill of a well known Pfalz artist named Otto Dill, a friend of Oliver’s great grandfather Walter Baer (German for bear). On one occasion in 1933 Walter was unable to meet his friends for a regular ‘glass of wine or two’ and the artist sent the sketch on a postcard to his friend Walter the ‘bear’, and the postcard was signed by all the friends present that day. Oliver has the postcard in his kitchen. He declared that the bear had been with him all his life and when he made wine he would go on the label.


To emphasise the fine North Rhône style, a portion of the stem is left on the grapes. After 3 to 4 weeks of maceration, the young Syrah is then extracted and relocated into terracotta amphorae for up to 14 months of aging. A small portion is also aged in barrique. It is then bottled without fining or filtration, and remains for at least another 12 months in the bottle before release for sale.