Sauvignon Blanc 2022/23, Kono, Marlborough

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Vintage2022, 2023
BlendSauvignon Blanc
CountryNew Zealand

Tasting Notes

This refreshing Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc has a vibrant fruit-driven nose bursting with citrus and passionfruit aromas. The palate is pure and bright, filled with tropical fruits and herbaceous notes, and balanced by a zesty acidity and crisp minerality.

The Producer

Kono wines are created by the Māori-owned New Zealand wine company Kono Beverages, part of the Wakatu Incorporation. True to thier Māori culture, they have a strong spiritual connection to the land and are committed to passing it on to future generations in pristine condition. They are also committed to growing exceptional grapes and creating exceptional wines.

If you are wondering about the name, a kono is a basket woven out of harakeke (New Zealand flax) and was traditionally used by Māori to serve food in. The name reflects Kono’s other businesses in New Zealand selling fresh seafood, fruit and even cider, all with a strong focus on sustainability.


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