Jurancon Sec 2019, Domaine Castera

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Frank Lihour is a young, fifth generation winemaker from Monein, who has lit a fire under this sleepy region with wines that sing with Jurancon purity and terroir. Franck has made wines for over 10 years around the world (including, it turns out, at our friends at Beaumont winery in South Africa) where he picked up many ideas to improve the quality of wine back home. He gingerly introduced them to his father, and now has taken over full throttle, and wow, these wines are superb!

Tasting notes

This is the classic expression, pure and like a cross between Sancerre and dry Chablis. So energetic, mineral, tingly and pure but with rounder, richer flavours of pineapple, honeydew melon and a hint of honey to finish off. It is bone dry but the beautiful tang the sweet wines are known for is very evident in this too. Pairs deliciously with salads and cold meats, it would also be divine with seafood. Fish and chips with tartare sauce, scallops with ginger infused lemon butter, pan-fried cod with a light katsu curry sauce, the world is your oyster (excuse the pun)!




Grape Variety


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